Inspired by the relationships and camaraderie felt on-set, Film Pin Society is a design-driven brand focused on celebrating the individuals who make up the film and video industry. FPS elevates the tools and objects that filmmakers and creators use everyday into wearable badges of honor, reimagined into enamel pins.

Wearing something as simple as a C-stand or a 4K HMI, is given a new meaning beyond their function. Our pins aim to spark a conversation, and share that common love to create and tell stories.

From the grips to the producers, from production assistants to directors—we honor those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create memorable stories, short and long, with the world. We invite everyone to join the Society, connect with each other, start a conversation and wear your pins proud.

The Film Pin Society is founded by Noah Shulman, a Brooklyn-based Creative Director. He has worked with a diverse set of clients and mediums including commercials, branded content, short docs, experiential activations and stereoscopic 3D. Shulman has won several awards for his work, including an OMMA Award and Digiday Video Award for Best Video Ad.