Noah Lang: Collect your strengths and weaknesses through experience.

Noah is an independent producer based in Los Angeles. Features he's produced have played festivals including SXSW, Tribeca, LAFF and has been distributed by partners such as Netflix, Hulu, DirectTV and Vertical Entertainment.

Jacob Bogatin: Collaboration is what makes all the moving pieces come together

Jacob is a New York based gaffer, electric and grip and works on a wide variety of commercial, documentary, and narrative projects.

Shomi Patwary: Camaraderie means everything

Director Shomi Patwary is a Bengali American filmmaker, and co-founder of the creative collective Illusive Media based out of New Jersey. 

Idil Ibrahim: Community Is the backbone to great cinema

Writer/Director/Producer Idil Ibrahim discusses her favorite on-set story and advice for future filmmakers.

Jonathan Bregel: Community is everything to me

Jonathan Bregel is a multidisciplinary filmmaker whose ambition is to create films comes from a love for the creative process and empowering others throughout that process.

Danny Firpo: Never Stop Learning

Creative Technologist Danny Firpo discusses what inspires him to create immersive worlds, characters and stories.

Dan Fusselman: Be eager to learn and don't be a jerk

Filmmaker Dan Fusselman talks about  how he got into filmmaking and the the film scene in Phoenix.

Anu Valia: Be grateful, and don't take no for an answer

Anu Valia is a writer/director who's award-winning short films have screened across the world. 

Jarrod Wilson: Adventure and experience help you learn and grow

Gaffer Jarrod Wilson talks about adventure and experiences being key in learning to grow.

Jon Connor: Filmmaking is a team sport

Jon Connor is an editor and co-founder of Masters In Motion; an annual filmmaking conference in Austin Texas.

Lesley Morphy: Show up with an incredible attitude

When Lesley Morphy moved to New York she was quite determined to transition from her interior design career into set design.

Quincy Ledbetter: Do the work and don’t stop

Instead of traditional film school, Quincy Ledbetter became his own teacher; consuming hours of videos and reading every book on filmmaking he could find.
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