Jacob Bogatin: Collaboration is what makes all the moving pieces come together

Jacob is a New York based gaffer, electric and grip and works on a wide variety of commercial, documentary, and narrative projects.

Shomi Patwary: Camaraderie means everything

Director Shomi Patwary is a Bengali American filmmaker, and co-founder of the creative collective Illusive Media based out of New Jersey. 

Idil Ibrahim: Community Is the backbone to great cinema

Writer/Director/Producer Idil Ibrahim discusses her favorite on-set story and advice for future filmmakers.

Jonathan Bregel: Community is everything to me

Jonathan Bregel is a multidisciplinary filmmaker whose ambition is to create films comes from a love for the creative process and empowering others throughout that process.

Danny Firpo: Never Stop Learning

Creative Technologist Danny Firpo discusses what inspires him to create immersive worlds, characters and stories.

Dan Fusselman: Be eager to learn and don't be a jerk

Filmmaker Dan Fusselman talks about  how he got into filmmaking and the the film scene in Phoenix.

Anu Valia: Be grateful, and don't take no for an answer

Anu Valia is a writer/director who's award-winning short films have screened across the world. 

Jarrod Wilson: Adventure and experience help you learn and grow

Gaffer Jarrod Wilson talks about adventure and experiences being key in learning to grow.

Jon Connor: Filmmaking is a team sport

Jon Connor is an editor and co-founder of Masters In Motion; an annual filmmaking conference in Austin Texas.

Lesley Morphy: Show up with an incredible attitude

When Lesley Morphy moved to New York she was quite determined to transition from her interior design career into set design.

Quincy Ledbetter: Do the work and don’t stop

Instead of traditional film school, Quincy Ledbetter became his own teacher; consuming hours of videos and reading every book on filmmaking he could find.

DEAN KARR: Check your egos at the door

Dean Karr discusses his natural progression from years as a photographer to a film director.
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