Jarrod Wilson: Adventure and experience help you learn and grow.

Jarrod Wilson


Top 3 films of all time:
Wrath of Khan, Road Warrior, and Empire Strikes Back.

How did you first get into filmmaking?
I went to Scottsdale Community College to take the super 8 class while I was working at Zia Records because I thought it would be fun. I jumped on student shoots and started working as a PA on commercials. I bought a 1200 HMI Par because we needed it on shoots, started renting that, bought more gear, worked on movies, and after networking with everyone here I am!!!

What is your favorite on-set story?
When I was running my business from my house the 5 Ton Grip truck was parked in my backyard and access was through a rolling gate that led to the alley. The day before a shoot I had a water line burst and then it rained heavily. That morning the truck had no traction to leave the backyard. So the Key Grip and I unloaded the truck of all it's carts to lighten the load, got enough traction with rocks and wood to get the truck in the alley, and laid out a path over the mud with 4x8 pieces of masonite so we could push the carts to the alley to load the truck back up. We got to set late and covered in mud but ended up making the day!!

What piece of equipment can you not live without on set?
A full apple box.

"The harder the job/the closer you get, and the more it becomes about survival and keeping one's sanity." 


"Do what you do because you love it...not for the money!"

 The heart of the Film Pin Society is community and camaraderie. Can you talk a little about that?
I've never been in the military but I feel like working a job is like being in the trenches with your fellow crew members. The harder the job/the closer you get, and the more it becomes about survival and keeping one's sanity. You really learn about yourself and come to love and appreciate those that stick with it.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to someone looking into going into your field?
Do what you do because you love it...not for the money! You'll never get what you're actually worth - it should be about the adventure and experiences that help you to grow and learn - there's always something to learn and get better at.

What pin from our collection speaks to you and why?
The C-Stand Pin for sure! "C" stands for Century, century means 100, and the C-stand does indeed have 100 uses!!

What should we turn into a pin next?
Full Apple Box, C-47 (clothes pin), gobo head, dolly track, a wedge, edison male and female, Tape Roll

How can we learn more about you?


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